Photos/comments from School Events


Workshop with students at Freman College


Workshop at Manor Academy



Talking to Yr 8 at Rushcliffe School 







Paula is also a First Story writer in residence


Wirral Girls

Talking to Year 9 at Wirral Girls



Talking to students









“Paula Rawsthorne is a highly-skilled and engaging author and I have had the pleasure of working with her at two of the student conference events I organise as part of Scarborough Literature Festival’s outreach programme. Paula so impressed us at the first conference that we invited her back again the following year.”
Dorcas Taylor, Director of Beverley Literature Festival.ShellLaunchspeech


Henry VIII School Coventry



Workshops for Rib Valley Award

Workshops for Rib Valley Award


With students at the St .Helen’s Book Awards.

“Paula inspired the students she worked with, enabling them to consider ways they could improve their own writing and enthusing them to read not only her novel but other crime fiction. We – and our students – appreciated her session so much that we have asked her back for another two days at the school!”
A. Kelly, English teacher, Rushcliffe School Nottingham

Gemma Spencer Year 10 student The Brunts School, Mansfield.

The visit from Paula Rawsthorne, the author of ‘Blood Tracks’ was a great experience. She shared her stories of the two books that she had written and the inspiration behind it. The talk was very creative, it has inspired me to read more books and overall, I liked how she involved the audience, it was great!

Q&A with reading groups at CFS School.

Q&A with reading groups at CFS School.

Paula first visited our school in 2011 and we’ve had no hesitation in inviting her back every year since! The impact of Paula’s visits to our school have been felt both in the library and in the classroom. The pupils have told me that the advice Paula gave them during the writing workshop has helped them immensely when writing creatively.
M. Webster, School Librarian, The Becket, Nottingham 

“We had a fantastic visit from Paula. Our Principal is keen for her to visit again. Feedback from students has been very positive. They were really inspired and motivated by Paula’s workshops.”
D. Sullivan, librarian at Northampton Academy.

A THRILLING LITERARY EXPERIENCE     (Arnold Hill Academy Newsletter)

As part of the Trent Academies Group’s annual Literature Festival, author Paula Rawsthorne visited Arnold Hill to deliver an exciting, gripping and inspiring workshop to Year 8.The session was organised by Ms Cassidy, the Academy’s Librarian, and was held in the Library at Arnold Hill during the afternoon of Monday 11th July, the first of five days of a packed programme of events designed to celebrate literature. The session invited students to consider their life experiences and plans, as well as providing them with the chance to engage with Paula about her latest book ‘Blood Tracks’. Students were well-engaged with the session and it provided them with invaluable opportunities to reflect on the importance of reading for enjoyment and developing a passion for literature.

Talking about the benefits of the session, Daniel Lee, Year 8, said, “It was a very creative session and I would recommend it to a friend or a family member.” Neave Archer, also Year 8, added, “The session created thought and made pupils believe that there is more to creative writing, it makes people like myself use their minds more and have more to think about. I would highly recommend the session and will carry on with my piece of writing.”


Bingley Grammar. Yorkshire



Launch of Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, Big City Read, ‘These Seven.’



Paula was writer in residence for Nottingham Academy, Ransom Road First Story group. This was taken at the book launch for their fabulous anthology ‘Straight Outta Ransom’



Shell Book Launch Waterstones Nottingham















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